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This is where fairytales come to life! Start believing in your childhood stories, because they are real! Meet all kinds of magical creatures in a world that you've wished so hard to exist. And it gets better. Even you could be part of my neo-romantic world! Just follow the path that leads to fantasy and imagination and I will meet you there...

I would like to share with you something very special, the"Golden Beetle" series. It is shot some months ago with one of my favourite models, Margot! Just now I made some time to browse through the results. There is no Photoshop involved in this photos. I hope you appreciate what we have created. Many thanks to a great team of creative people!

In the spotlight

Silvanian Fay

a Pre-Raphaelite vision...
The unique, beautiful and talented Esmeralda modelling in our backyard forest... a vision indeed!


It was very nice to work together with Barbora Sharuzen Gazurova, not only is she a WORLD-FAMOUS TATTOO ARTIST, she is a very talented model as well! And she will be our special guest a Gala Nocturna where you will be able to have your own very special tattoo made by her!
More info about her work: www.iroltha.com

Von Rothbart

Proudly presenting your host of Gala Nocturna: the evil sorcerer "von Rothbart"!
Let yourself be overcome by von Rothbart's dark magic and find yourself dancing under the light of thousand crystals, together with beautiful and bewitched swans from all over the world!
Be a part of this legendary edition of Gala Nocturna, The Swan Princess!

Swan Princess

Theme photoshoot for Gala Nocturna 2015, the Swan Princess.
The change always comes from within...